Hello Monday!

It’s another Monday, another week closer to the end of the year and another week closer to my holiday next month. I’ve taken a break from holiday planning and have been hooked on watching a tv series that has had five or six seasons already – Dexter. One of our friends thinks it’s better than Suits even though they’re completely different. I don’t like the blood and gore of Dexter but I am hooked.

Here’s 5 websites I want to share with you to start your week off:

  1. It’s a good time as ever to write some goals you want to accomplish in the last quarter of this year or pull out the ones you made the start of this year and see where you’re at just like Amanda from Here Comes The Sun did here.
  2. I love seeing others house interiors and I particularly liked this one that I came across on Style Me Pretty
  3. Which led me to check out the above house owner’s website Hey Gorgeous Events and I just enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures
  4. If you’re like me and need better weekly meal planning skills read this from Apartment Therapy
  5. This is even better – Good Food On A Tight Budget with pretty layouts and good tips and lists (love lists!)

Happy Monday =)

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